Promotional Socks

Three Promotional Sock Options

Limelight offers a choice of three very different sock options which are based on the decoration method used to apply graphics to the socks. Within each decoration method are a variety styles to choose from that best meets your unique criteria. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages which will factor into your decision of which sock to choose for your event or promotion.

Why you should use decorated socks for your next promotional event!

  1. Creativity: Logo imprinted socks can be used as a promotional item, given away at events or trade shows, or sold as merchandise.
  2. High Perceived Value: Compared to most promotional product options, socks have a much higher perceived value and utility.
  3. Practical Choice: Everyone needs and wants to wear a beautiful pair of socks
  4. Brand Awareness: By adding a logo or message on the sock, companies can increase brand recognition and exposure to the person wearing the socks and to all those who admire the sock as they walk by.
  5. Unique Gift: Socks make for a unique and creative promotional item, setting a company apart from others using traditional promotional products such as pens or keychains.
  6. Employee Uniform: Companies can use logo imprinted socks as part of their employee uniform, promoting a sense of unity and team spirit among staff.
  7. Sports Teams and Events: Socks are a perfect match for team decorated socks for both players and fans
  8. Wide Appeal: Socks are a versatile item that can appeal to a wide range of people, making them a good choice for a promotional item.
  9. Increased Brand Loyalty: By giving a useful and appreciated sock, companies can increase brand loyalty and create a positive association with their brand.

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