Traditional Tote Collection

Limelight has been manufacturing bags for many decades and we have changed our process and offering over the years based on demand and worldwide supply chain options. The time has come again for us to start manufacturing solid color traditional bags domestically as we did over 20 years ago. Importing these bags was the logical best option until recently, but now that Importing cost are rising and delivery dates are very long and unpredictable. Our customizable traditional bags are now less expensive than air freighting the same item from overseas. The lead time for ocean freight is excessively long also, which makes our “Custom Made to Order” bags from Limelight the safest and most affordable option when you need something unique delivered on time and under budget. These bags are built based on your choice of colored handles and fabric combinations. They are silk screened unlike our more expensive line of sublimated bags. Affordable, Customizable, Dependable and Attractive best describes this latest offering from Limelight.


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