Woven Socks

A corporate logo can be woven into a sock by using a process called jacquard weaving. This type of weaving uses a specialized loom that can create complex designs, including logos and other images, directly into the fabric. The process works by using multiple sets of heddles, which are small metal or plastic hooks, to control the movement of the threads and create the desired design. To create a sock with a corporate logo, the design is first converted into a jacquard design file, which is then loaded onto the loom. The loom uses the design file to control the movement of the threads, creating the logo or image directly into the fabric as it weaves.

Once the fabric has been woven, it is then cut and sewn into the final sock shape, with the logo now being an integral part of the fabric. This process allows for precise control over the size and placement of the logo, and produces a high-quality, durable result that will not fade, crack, or peel over time. Jacquard weaving is used for high-end and custom sock production that makes for a high quality retail looking promotional giver-away.

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